Jean-Louis Duport | Twenty-One Cello Etudes


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Jean-Louis Duport






No. 1 Concert – Etude for independence in leading of parts, and smooth change of bow (Andante); No. 2 Etude in the middle of the bow (Allegro); No. 3 Etude on the Chromatic Scale, and to Strengthen the Right Hand between nut and middle (Allegro); No. 4 Close to the point (Allegro moderato e marcatiss); No. 5 Middle of bow (Moderato); No. 6 With springing bow, between middle and nut (Allegro); No. 7 Arpeggio, long stroke, each note distinct; No. 8 For Style. Take care that the melody is not influenced in accentuation by the accompanying part (Adagio cantabile); No. 9 For different bowings and double-stops (Allegro moderato); No. 10 Springing bow in the middle (Allegro); No. 11 For springing bow. Likewise good practice at the point (Allegro); No. 12 For various bowings (Allegro moderato quasi andante); No. 13 At the point. The staccato notes very short. (Allegro); No. 14 Andante grazioso; No. 15 Etude for the 4th finger, and in style (Allegro); No. 16 Adagio; No. 17 Allegro; No. 18Allegro maestoso; No. 19 This Etude must be played throughout in the ½ position (Allegro); No. 20 This Etude must be played at the point of the bow in order that strength and lightness may be combined (Allegro); No. 21 Allegro.