Fritz Giese | Scale and Technical Studies


Lucks Cat #: 310-5300

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Fritz Giese




Finger Exercise No. 1-2; Scale in C (2 Octaves); Double Scales in C (2 Octaves); Triplets in C (2 Octaves); Major Scales; Major Chords in 2, 3, 4 Octaves; The Minor Scales (Melodic); Minor Chords in 2, 3, 4 Octaves; The Minor Scales (Harmonic); Thumb Position Exercise No. 1-6; A Major Chords over 4 Strings; Thirds in Thumb Position; Thirds and Octaves in Thumb Position; Thirds, Octaves and Tenths in Thumb Position; Thirds in Major Scales in Thumb Position; Double Thirds; Sixths; Double Sixths; Thirds in Reversed Form; Thirds in Reversed Form in Triplets; Formation of Trill in Double Thirds; Sixth in Reversed Form (Double); Sixth in Reversed Form (Triplets); Octaves Over Three Strings; Sing Octaves; Double Octaves; Kreutzer (Bowing Exercise).