Paul Wranitzky | Symphony in c, Op. 31 “La Paix” (Full Orchestra)


Lucks Cat #: 13123

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Paul Wranitzky


2 perc, 2D1.2.2.2/, str, timp


Performance edition ed. by Suttle. Engraved 2017. Transposed: Cl I+II, Hn I+II, Tpt I+II. Viola is divisi at parts. See #13743 for String Orchestra version; full orchestra string parts are not compatible with string orchestra version parts. I. Andante Maestoso/Allegro Molto/Tempo Di Marcia, Piu Maestoso, Piu Allegro Tempo Primo. La Revolution. Marche des Anglois. Marche des Autrichiens et Prussiens. II. Adagio Affestuoso. Le sort et la mort de Louis XVI. Marche funebre. III. Allegro. Marche des Anglois. Marche des Allies. Tumulte d’une bataille. IV. Andante Grazioso/Allegro Vivace. Negociations de paix. Cris de joie pour la paix restitue.